Flyer / Spec Sheet WiPG-1000    
Easy Connect Guide (print)
Installation Guide WiPG-1000    
Complete User Manual WiPG-1000          
Network Trouble shooting for WiPG          
Wireless Installation Guide          

Client Software: Mac: v1.2.2.5  
  Windows: (.exe) v1.2.4.3  
Upgrade tool - Only use with FW v1.1.0.1 v1.2.0.5 change log
Upgrade file for WiPG with FW v1.x.x.x v1.2.0.5
Upgrade file for WiPG with FW v2.x.x.x v2.0.0.6 change log
Drivers and utilities:
Wireless Touchscreen driver: v1.1.0.5 IWB_guide
Extended Desktop driver: v1.0.2.1  
VAC audio driver v2.0.0.0  
SNMP Manager v2 v2.0.0.5 SNMP_guide
Full content WePresent USB token (.zip)  
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